Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Boy!

That's right, the ultrasound showed we're expecting another boy. Bryant is thrilled to be getting a brother. He's already been talking about what he'll teach him.
Yesterday was our nine-year anniversary. It was a pretty good day. The weather was absolutely perfect - mild and sunny in the morning and warm enough to wash both vehicles by the afternoon. Jeff took the day off. After my appointment in the morning, we went to Sears and lo and behold, the crib we had priced only weeks before was on sale! That plus a $50 gift cheque from Fidelity (for joining the Healthy Baby Program through our health insurance), we were able to get it for a steal. Only one more big-ticket item to get (a car seat/stroller travel system). Hopefully we'll get that for a good deal, too.
For lunch, we went to Olive Garden and had the best service I think we've ever had at a restaurant. The food was really, really good, too. All in all, it was one of the best anniversaries we've ever had.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot, hot, hot!

It is nice and toasty today - 82 degrees. No coats for us. I bought plants today for our yard. Bryant comes home, does his homework, then he's outside until we call him home for dinner. Beautiful, beautiful weather!

Valentine's Day weekend was as backwoods as you could get. We stayed in an RV park where the permanent residents read like characters from a book. I couldn't have made them up in a million years. They were strange and widely varied and I loved it. I really wanted to stay longer and learn their stories. Jeff took Bryant fishing on a small motorboat on this lake that was never any more than three feet deep. It was too shallow to use the motor near the dock, so Jeff had to paddle out to deeper water. They didn't catch anything, but they saw bald eagles all over the place. The RV park owners suggested they use live bait - minnows - and when the boys got back, Bryant boasted he 'caught' a fish. With his hands. In the styrofoam bucket of minnows. Ewwww! Bryant loved it so much, he came home and told everyone who would listen about it.
For lunch, we drove past the only restaurant listed on the website and determined the drive to Gainesville wasn't too far after all. The building looked like a soft breeze would knock it over. After we ate, the boys went back out on the lake and I took some much needed quiet time. I also met pretty much everyone who lived there while sitting around the firepit. They were some of the most colorful people I've ever met. So, while it wasn't the most romantic weekend we've ever had, it was a lot of fun.
On a sad note - we decided to find Chipper a new home. Fortunately, we found a really nice family who are active enough to keep up with him. Bryant was upset at first, but he now agrees it probably was a good decision. I'm not missing the dog hair and whining and picking up doggy messes. My house is quiet again.
Tomorrow is another ultrasound. Hopefully we find out what we're having!