Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chunky Monkey!

Corbin just keeps growing!
Tuesday, August 4 - 8 lbs, 2 oz, 20-1/2" (birth)
Thursday, August 6 - 7 lbs, 12 oz (2 days old - normal weight loss for a newborn)
Monday, August 10 - 8 lbs, 3 oz, 21" (6 days old)
Friday, August 28 - 10 lbs, 6 oz (3 weeks old)
Thursday, September 10 - 11 lbs, 6 oz, 22-1/4" (5 weeks old)
Monday, September 28 - 13 lbs (8 weeks old)
At his one month visit, he was ranked 90th percentile on weight and length. Bryant was only ever 15th percentile on weight and 50th percentile on length. What a big baby!

Baptism and Blessing

Today, my boys are eight years old and eight weeks old. They're getting so big! Bryant is such a great big brother. He loves to hold Corbin and play with him. He insisted on me getting a picture of the two of them. Corbin loves Bryant, too. The other day, Corbin was lying on our bed and Bryant was acting crazy. Corbin was loving it! He kept giving Bryant the biggest smiles.
We've had a crazy month. Bryant and Corbin got to have all of their grandparents visiting at the same time. Boy, were they spoiled - I mean, loved. Corbin was cuddled and held all weekend long and my poor arms got to have a break. For some reason, Corbin decided the only guy he liked was his daddy. Every time we handed him to one of his grandpas, he would get upset. Once, we just mentioned handing him to his Grandpa Meibos and his face puckered up and his lower lip stuck out a mile. What a funny little boy!
On Saturday, September 5th, Bryant was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was a great service. His grandmothers each spoke and his grandfathers witnessed. Even Corbin was very good and slept through the whole thing (much to the disappointment of my grandma, who was on baby-tending duty). Afterwards, we had a barbecue and Bryant opened a few presents - a baptismal plaque from Grandma and Grandpa Meibos, a new tie and some cool Legos from my parents and grandma, a CTR tie tack from Marshelle, and a new set of scriptures from Jeff and me. We're so proud of our kid!
Corbin had his blessing the next day at church. He slept through that, too. The tux was a little big on him, but he was so handsome! There was a mix up with the bishopric and they almost forgot to announce not only Bryant's baptism, but the blessing as well. The primary president had to send up a note with her son to the stand during the sacrament to remind them. If they hadn't done that, we would have just done it later. It's not like Corbin would have known the difference anyway. Of course, he wasn't too thrilled to have to wear the 'monkey suit', especially the jacket.
Bryant started school on the 24th of August. He's in the third grade now - can you believe it? I tried to get a good picture on the first day of school, but he kept looking at his brother, who decided he didn't want to be in the stroller at the bus stop. It was so nice to get back on a schedule. And Bryant is doing so well with his schoolwork. Most of his homework is done online and he's usually done in an hour or less. His Friday folders are filled with tests he's gotten 100% on. Oh, and I can't forget - he's read the first Harry Potter book on his own and has started the second. I've seen such an improvement in his work already. He's more focused and excited about what he's learning. It's going to be a great school year.