Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay, that last post posted weird, but you get the idea. I'm not gonna take the time to fix it (Corbin will be waking up any time now!).


Corbin rolled under the tree...ooh, don't eat that!

Christmas morning

Wait a minute...where did that picture come from?


Christmas chorus performance

The Boys and the Big Guy

Bryant's Chorus performance at Jacksonville Landing

We are freezing! The temperature has been dipping into the low twenties (brrr!). They're even forecasting snow for late tonight or tomorrow - the first time in twenty years.

Christmas was really good. We finished everything about two weeks early (including wrapping of presents - yes, you can be disgusted), so we were able to sit back and relax. Jeff took off the entire week between Christmas and New Years. It was so nice.

Santa and others were really good to us. Jeff got a drill press, I got my netbook (hurray!), Bryant got Bakugan and a couple of games for Wii and DS, and Corbin got a driving toy (steering wheel that makes a lot of noise) and a mini basketball hoop. We were all very happy.

We also got a GPS from someone...who was that again? (Ha! Just kidding, Darrell and Terry!) We utilized it to go to Blue Spring State Park and saw literally dozens of manatees, including babies! It was so much fun.

Corbin is now a whopping 17 pounds! What a big baby. No need to lift weights with that kid around. He's such a happy kid, too. Smiles left and right to anyone and everyone. He's been eating solid foods for a whole month now. He absolutely loves squash, sweet potatoes, and applesauce mixed with oatmeal. Green beans...not so much. He cries when I try to feed them to him.

Bryant is getting so tall. And his hair is getting so long. He no longer wants me to buzz it, so I have to get it cut. I just don't remember to go and get it done until it's falling in his eyes.

Bryant had a couple of chorus performances before the Christmas break. One was at Jacksonville Landing. It was really neat to see and he did a great job. He really gets into the acting part. He puts up with the singing aspect. My kid is the one you always see being a total goober. He's not being bad, just really funny.

Jeff just started in a new position at work. He went from having the best team in the site to possibly the worst. But he had been 'asked' to take it on from the higher-ups, and it's not a good thing to turn them down... He'll do a great job, though, and turn them around. He's got a reputation for being able to do that sort of thing.

Jeff has also been spending a lot of time in his workshop (formally known as our garage, which is too small to fit our vehicles). He's built a couple of cabinets for the garage and refinished a chair. Santa's elves gave him a couple of woodworking reference books (they highly recommended them) and he's going to build a shelf for them. Soon, he and Bryant will be building their Pinewood Derby cars. Busy, busy boy!

I graduated from my children's writing course (finally!) and received a pretty diploma, which was promptly framed and hung up in the office for inspiration. My instructor recommended me for the advanced course. I'm considering it for now, but I think it's something that will have to wait for a bit. I'm utilizing nap time to get my writing done. My goal is to have my manuscript submitted by the time we leave for Yellowstone in August.

As for Yellowstone - we have determined we'll be driving and pulling our fifth-wheel. It just made more sense. And we really want to be able to bring home some more green beans and tomato soup. We're down to just one jar of each. :(

Hugs and kisses to everyone!