Monday, December 6, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas

(Quickly apologizing for the great time lapse between April and December...oops!)

Yes, we're missing the snow. Today we had the temperatures for it (woke up to 29 degree weather!), but no precipitation.

As per tradition, I was sick again over Thanksgiving and I'm apparently passing on the tradition to Bryant. We celebrated at home with our tiny 8 pound turkey and some simple, yet delicious, side dishes - including some green beans we procured on our trip out west. Yum!

Bead bracelet making with the Girl Scouts was a lot of fun, although I had absolutely no voice and had to croak out instructions. I was told my class was an absolute hit! Now that I'm an official Girl Scout (they had to sign me up to allow me to join them at their Encampment), I'll be helping with the occasional activity. I find it hilarious since I was never a Girl Scout and I only have boys.

While I was working away making bracelets, Jeff and the boys were out getting in trouble and came home with a new car - a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer. We traded in our car and Jeff's motorcycle. Turns out that between payments and insurance, we're actually saving $60/month now. Plus we have a cool new vehicle we fight over. :)

Corbin has learned how to open the oven and dishwasher. He also climbs up EVERYTHING!!!! I'm completely exhausted by the time bedtime comes chasing that darn kid. But then he blows me kisses as I lay him in bed and I can't help but smile. He also gives the best hugs.

Bryant had his first Chorus Concert and did a fabulous job. He sang almost every song and put his heart and soul into it. Even Corbin enjoyed some of the songs.

Last Friday, I offered all the cash I could find in the house (meaning the contents of our change jar) to Bryant if he weeded our flowerbeds in the front yard. TWO HOURS later I go out to find not only Bryant, but several neighborhood kids doing a FANTASTIC job!! I was simply amazed! Jeff was floored when he came home and saw what they had done. What great kids! I couldn't be prouder as a mom.

In order to cover a couple of patched up holes in the bathroom wall (the result of an effort to discover the location of a knocking pipe), we repainted our main bath. Jeff worked hard painting the edges and was starting to roll when we decided the color we had chosen resembled toothpaste. He sent me to the store to remedy the situation. It's now a wonderful light beige color and it really makes the white cabinets and trim pop.

Now for some photos...

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